How To Beat Godrick The Grafted

Meet Godrick The Grafted, the formidable sovereign of Stormveil Castle, the inaugural legacy dungeon in Elden Ring. This formidable adversary is no ordinary foe; he’s a demi-god adorned with appendages harvested from his unfortunate prey. Despite his imposing stature, Godrick possesses remarkable agility, wielding his storm-summoning prowess to soar through the air or unleash ferocious whirlwinds. As if that weren’t enough, in his second phase, the fallen noble grafts a draconic visage onto his arm, unleashing torrents of scorching flames upon his challengers. While Godrick presents a daunting challenge, there’s a silver lining—conquering him proves less arduous than facing Margit The Fell Omen.

However, for those grappling with the intricacies of defeating Godrick The Grafted, fear not. This guide to Elden Ring’s formidable boss provides invaluable strategies and divulges the whereabouts of an NPC ally who can significantly tip the scales in your favor during this harrowing encounter.

Locating Nepheli Loux

In your journey through Stormveil Castle, there’s a crucial ally you might overlook in the heat of the boss battle. Nepheli Loux, a formidable axe-wielding warrior, stands ready to aid you against Godrick The Grafted. However, unlocking her assistance requires an initial encounter before her summoning pool materializes near the fog gate.

To track down Nepheli, venture down the colossal steps opposite the fog gate from the Secluded Cell Site of Grace. Dash past the duo of guards accompanying the towering Troll and proceed along the cobblestone path, ensuring to seize the Golden Seed en route to bolster your Flask’s potency. As the road curves, slip through the doorway on your left and stumble upon Nepheli, standing vigil over the fallen Stormveil Knight. Engage her in conversation, exhaust all dialogue options, and unlock the ability to summon her aid for the impending clash with Godrick The Grafted.

Essential Tactics

Initiate the summoning of your spirits right at the outset of the battle; they act as a shield against damage and prolong Nepheli’s presence, whose formidable offensive capabilities can turn the tide in your favor. Maintaining her survivability is paramount for achieving victory. Adopting a moderately aggressive stance is crucial in this encounter, as a passive approach will be swiftly overwhelmed by Godrick’s swift assaults, formidable range, and area-of-effect damage. Positioning yourself strategically behind the boss while he’s focused on your companions can provide valuable opportunities.

Godrick unleashes various storm-summoning techniques. When he raises his axe, signaling the onset of a cyclone enveloping his form, swiftly retreat to evade his subsequent Storm Stomp, a devastating attack with a wide radius. Following this stomp, he frequently embeds his axe into the ground, indicating an imminent assault; prepare to evade swiftly. Beware his gusts of wind, which can propel you backward and inflict significant harm. Stay vigilant as he executes his aerial or ground-based rolling maneuvers, anticipating his lethal finisher. As with Margit The Fell Omen, the wind-up for his aerial ground slam is longer than anticipated, so exercise caution not to dodge prematurely.

In his second phase, Godrick’s threat escalates as he integrates the head of an ancient dragon onto his arm. His wind-infused attacks now carry a fiery aspect, enhancing their damage and range. It’s advisable to consume a Fireproof Dried Liver, crafted using the Armorer’s Cookbook (1), to mitigate the fire-based threats. If you haven’t unlocked this recipe yet, you can acquire it from the soldier camp north of Murkwater Cave. Godrick introduces several new abilities with the dragon head, notably a devastating flamethrower attack; evade swiftly to minimize damage. When he raises his dragon arm to unleash flames, swiftly retreat to avoid the ensuing conflagration. Being caught in this inferno not only risks your demise but leaves you vulnerable to his rapid assaults.

Once more, Nepheli remains pivotal in securing victory, emphasizing the importance of maximizing damage output while she remains active. If struggling to inflict substantial damage on Godrick, consider enhancing your weapon at the Roundtable Hold. Remember, additional Runes can be farmed to bolster your character’s capabilities. With these strategies in mind, you’re primed for the daunting encounter with Godrick, The Grafted. Best of luck; I have every confidence in your success.

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