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Batman Arkham Knight Is Reportedly “Unplayable” On Switch

Even though it's a pretty great game, Batman: Arkham Knight has a very rough history when it comes to its performance. It ran so badly on PC back at launch that developer Rocksteady Studios had to delist the title to fix the issues and apologize to fans for its release. Fast-forward over eight years, and it seems as though Rocksteady hasn't learned its lesson, as Arkham Knight is reportedly "unplayable" on the Nintendo Switch.

All About Nintendo Switch 2

It’s been six years since the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017, and after a long and successful reign, you may be wondering what new piece of hardware will be next. We’ve seen updates to the current switch with the OLED and Lite models, though we’re still in the dark on what Nintendo’s next-gen offering could be. After becoming the 3rd best-selling console in history this year, it’s fair to say that Nintendo might want to keep things close to its chest. Yet, even with all the secrecy surrounding the possibility of a new Nintendo Switch, we’ve collected all the details we could find about the mystery follow-up ahead of its eventual official announcement and release. Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date While Nintendo hasn’t yet announced any official follow-up to their incredibly successful Nintendo Switch console, there are some rumors swirling about how close we might be to a potential product reveal. Recent court documents as part of the Activision Blizzard acquisition revealed that Ninte..