Lies of P Tips and Tricks for Success

Embarking on your adventure through Krat in Lies of P, a game that proudly stands within the soulslike genre, can be a daunting experience whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player. This guide is designed to arm you with essential tips and strategies to enhance your gameplay experience.

Maintain Your Weapon’s Edge

In Lies of P, just like in many soulslike games, keeping your weapon in prime condition is crucial. The sharpness of your weapon is displayed on the HUD, and a well-maintained weapon is key to effective combat. The game equips you with the Grinder, a tool to keep your weapon’s sharpness at its peak. Regularly sharpening your weapon ensures it delivers maximum damage during confrontations.

Experiment with Handles

Your attack style in Lies of P is influenced by the Handle you choose for your weapon. Each Handle can be altered once to modify its Attack Abilities, although the materials required for this are limited. With the flexibility to pair any Blade with your preferred Handle, it’s worth experimenting with different combinations on training dummies before committing to a particular alteration.

Utilize Your Pulse Cell Charges Wisely

While it might be tempting to conserve your Pulse Cell charges due to their scarcity, Lies of P introduces a mechanic that replenishes your charges only after they’re fully depleted. In challenging battles, using your Pulse Cell charges strategically can be more beneficial than saving them. Depleting your cells allows you to start the recharge process sooner, granting you vital healing opportunities. As you progress, consider upgrading your P-Organ to enhance your combat efficiency, leveraging fully expended Pulse Cells for increased damage, reduced incoming damage, and other advantages.

Explore Your Weapon’s Full Potential

In Lies of P, each weapon boasts its own unique set of characteristics, including Fable Arts, dash attacks, and combo lengths. It’s crucial to acquaint yourself with your weapon’s capabilities before stepping into battle. When you acquire a new weapon at Hotel Krat, take the opportunity to practice with it against the training dummies in the courtyard. This practice session will help you understand the weapon’s attack patterns, stamina usage, and special features, like how the Greatsword lacks a running dash attack unless you execute a heavy attack.

Conserve Your Star Fragments

While summoning a Specter can provide significant assistance in boss battles, it’s often beneficial to face new bosses solo initially. Treat these initial encounters as scouting missions to gather intelligence on the boss’s moveset, attack patterns, and opportunities for perfect parries. By holding off on using your Star Fragments for Specter summons until you have a solid understanding of the boss, you optimize your chances for success and make efficient use of your resources.

Maximize Your Belt Slots

Lies of P generously offers numerous inventory slots, including three slots each for your upper and lower belts (accessible via the D-Pad) and an additional four slots in the extra bag (accessible by holding X/A). Strategically assigning items to these slots can be a game-changer, whether you need a quick potion boost against status ailments or a firebomb to chip away at a boss’s remaining health.

Approach Dimensional Butterflies With Caution

Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter Dimensional Butterflies, signaled by a change in color of Gemini’s lamp. These butterflies often appear near potential dangers, such as environmental threats or lurking enemies. There’s no need to risk your life capturing these butterflies on your first encounter. Instead, you can always return to collect them later when you’re better prepared or more familiar with the impending challenges, ensuring your survival and strategic advantage.

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