Dark Souls 3: How To Respec Your Character

Perfecting your character build can mean the difference between triumph and torment in Dark Souls 3. Some playstyles naturally lend themselves to easier progression, which is why From Software implemented Dark Souls 2’s respec system into the third installment.

However, in Dark Souls 3, the process takes a different form, tied to a Covenant that’s somewhat obscured from plain view. But fear not, for once you navigate through this hurdle, you can salvage any ill-fated build by respeccing your character. Today, we’ll walk you through the steps: from accessing the respec feature, locating the Covenant NPC, to gathering the necessary currency for reshaping your build.

Updated as of November 11, 2023, by Charles Burgar: Life as the Ashen One in Dark Souls 3 is no walk in the park. Battling the game’s formidable bosses can prove daunting for many builds, underscoring the importance of mastering the art of character respeccing. To streamline this process, we’ve enhanced this guide with clearer formatting, detailing where to find Rosaria, how to acquire Pale Tongues, and the implications of respeccing on Sirris’ questline.

How to Respec Your Character

To initiate a character respec, seek out Rosaria, the enigmatic leader of the Rosaria’s Fingers Covenant. She’s a discreet figure, nestled on the second floor of the Cathedral of the Deep. Engage her in conversation, and within her dialogue menu, opt for the “Reallocate Attributes” feature to commence the process of redistributing your character’s stats.

However, bear in mind two crucial constraints associated with this system:

  1. You can only reallocate points that you’ve invested post-character creation; those tied to your initial class allocation cannot be altered.
  2. Each character is limited to five respecs per New Game cycle.

Pale Tongues, Limitations, and Sirris’ Questline

Before embarking on your quest to locate Rosaria, ensure you possess at least one Pale Tongue—the rare Covenant item necessary for initiating a respec. These coveted items can be acquired through various means:

  • Scattered throughout the world
  • Three obtainable per New Game cycle, two of which can be found within the Cathedral
  • Guaranteed upon a successful invasion
  • Obtained as a potential drop from defeating a Darkwraith

If you’re not inclined towards exploration or engaging in PvP encounters, your best bet is to farm Darkwraiths to amass the Pale Tongues needed for respecs (further details provided below). Additionally, be mindful of the fact that respeccing your character will adversely affect Sirris of the Sunless Realm’s questline. Given her opposition to Rosaria, presenting a Pale Tongue to Rosaria, regardless of the reason, will automatically terminate Sirris’ questline. If you’re keen on obtaining her items during your current playthrough, prioritize completing her questline before proceeding with any character respecs.

Finding Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth

Discovering Rosaria’s sanctuary entails navigating the perilous rafters within the Cathedral. If you’ve already traversed this treacherous terrain, utilize the tower shortcut located to the left of the “Cleansing Chapel” bonfire to ascend to the rooftop and access the rafters. Upon entering the Cathedral rafters, make a beeline towards the knight wielding an ultra greatsword stationed near the left side. Once you reach the end of this precarious pathway, drop down to the platform below. If you find yourself surrounded by a swarm of slugs, rest assured—you’re on the right track.

Press onward through the slithering horde until you encounter a set of double doors, beyond which lies Rosaria’s chamber. A conveniently situated bonfire awaits beside Rosaria, offering swift access for future visits whenever you need to respec or engage with her Covenant.

Pale Tongue Farming

For those disinclined towards player-versus-player encounters, a reliable method of Pale Tongue farming awaits at the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire—the last stop before confronting the Abyss Watchers boss. Here, two formidable Darkwraiths reliably spawn within the forest. Each Darkwraith presents a chance of yielding a Pale Tongue upon defeat. Simply rest at the bonfire and repeat the process until you’ve amassed the desired quantity of Pale Tongues.

Boosting Item Discovery for Pale Tongue Farming

To expedite this farming endeavor, maximize your Item Discovery stat through various means:


  • Luck: Increases Item Discovery by +1 per point (max 99)


  • Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3: Provides +115 Item Discovery
  • Symbol of Avarice: Grants +100 Item Discovery
  • Crystal Sage’s Rapier: Adds +50 Item Discovery


  • Rusted Coin: Enhances Item Discovery by +50 for 60 seconds
  • Gold Coin: Boosts Item Discovery by +100 for 60 seconds
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