Best Online Casinos That Accept PayNearMe

PayNearMe is a convenient online payment method that enables you to make in-person transactions at participating locations like 7-Eleven.

Finding a PayNearMe casino is straightforward (you can scroll down to see a comprehensive list), as many online casinos in the US accept this payment option.

We’ve thoroughly reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of using PayNearMe at online casinos and have highlighted our top recommended sites for utilizing this payment method.

A Closer Look at PayNearMe Casinos

Everyone has unique tastes and preferences, and choosing an online casino is no exception. To assist you in making the best choice, we’ve compiled a table of our top picks for PayNearMe casinos, categorized by the best options for slots, live casino, mobile gaming, and more.

Type Casino
Newest casino Stardust Casino
Live casino Stardust Casino
Mobile casino BetMGM Casino
Real money casino Stardust Casino
Slots casino Borgata Casino
Blackjack casinos Harrah’s Casino
Roulette casinos Harrah’s Casino

Why Choose PayNearMe for Casino Payments?

PayNearMe is a dependable payment method that is gaining popularity. It offers security, easy accessibility, and is well-regarded by online casinos in the US.

  • In-person cash payments ensure no credit card details are disclosed
  • Recognized and trusted by many online casinos in the US
  • Provides a private and secure payment option
  • Note: PayNearMe does not support withdrawals
  • Some bonuses may not be available for PayNearMe users
  • $5.50 fee for withdrawals

Getting Started at PayNearMe Casinos

PayNearMe casinos are highly popular due to their user-friendly system. This payment provider offers secure transactions, in-person deposits, anonymity, low fees, and quick transaction times. Read on to learn how to get started and why PayNearMe is a great choice.

Deposits and Withdrawals — Your How-To Guide

Ideally, you’d use the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals. However, not all payment providers offer both options. With PayNearMe, you can only make deposits at online casinos, so you’ll need to choose an alternative method for withdrawals.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to depositing at PayNearMe casinos:

Tip 1: Open an Account

  • Sign up with an online casino that accepts PayNearMe.
  • Verify that PayNearMe is listed as a payment option in the casino’s cashier section.

Tip 2: Choose PayNearMe as Your Payment Method

  • Navigate to the payment options within the cashier.
  • Select PayNearMe from the list of available payment methods.

Tip 3: Set Your Deposit Amount

  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit when prompted.
  • You can choose from suggested amounts or input a custom amount.
  • Ensure the currency is correct and double-check the amount for accuracy.

Transaction Details — Time, Fees, and Limits

Even though you make a manual payment at a physical location, the funds will typically appear in your casino account within half an hour. However, this can vary depending on your chosen PayNearMe casino, as each site may have its own processing times. Be sure to check the casino’s payment policy for specific details.

The best PayNearMe casinos generally do not impose additional fees or charges. Nonetheless, some sites might charge a commission, so it’s important to verify this before signing up. When depositing at a PayNearMe establishment, there are fees involved. Although the exact amount isn’t specified on the provider’s site, research indicates these fees usually don’t exceed $5.99. These charges will be clearly indicated on your payslip, ensuring you are fully aware of any additional costs before completing the payment.

Each online casino sets its own deposit limits. While PayNearMe itself doesn’t specify any limits, you will need to follow the limits set by the individual casinos.

Casinos Deposit Time Deposit Limit Withdrawal Time Withdrawal Limit
Bet365 Casino Instant $38,000 1 – 5 days $38,000
Borgata Casino Instant $500,000 72+ hours $100,000
Caesars Casino Less than 15 minutes Unlimited 72+ hours Unlimited
BetMGM Casino Instant $500,000 72+ hours $100,000
Tropicana Casino Instant $5,000 48 – 72 hours n/a

Security Measures in PayNearMe Casino Payments

PayNearMe prioritizes security, evident through its dedicated webpage detailing security protocols. It undergoes annual PCI DSS assessments using certified technology, holding A-Lign certification and ANAB accreditation.

PayNearMe casino transactions offer multiple security layers. Since payments are made in cash at physical locations, there’s no link between the casino site and your credit card information, reducing fraud risks. Moreover, without physical cards, the chance of loss or theft decreases significantly.

With only a barcode printout, only you know the intended recipient of funds. Losing the payslip poses minimal risk as replacements are readily available. Upon payment, funds are promptly transferred to your casino account, eliminating the risk of tampering with physical cash.

Leading PayNearMe casinos implement KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures, requiring identity verification via document submission. Advanced encryption technology safeguards personal and transactional data, complying with stringent licensing and regulatory requirements and anti-money laundering laws.

  • Widely trusted payment provider in the US
  • Robust security measures ensure user safety
  • In-person payments at physical locations enhance security
  • Not universally accepted by all casinos
  • May incur billing fees


1. Is PayNearMe legit?

Yes, PayNearMe is a legitimate payment method that is widely accepted at various establishments, including online casinos. It undergoes regular security assessments and holds certifications to ensure compliance with industry standards.

2. How does PayNearMe work?

PayNearMe allows users to make cash payments for online transactions at participating locations, such as convenience stores or retail outlets. Users receive a barcode or payment code to present at the chosen location along with the cash payment.

3. Can I use PayNearMe at casinos in the US?

Yes, many online casinos in the US accept PayNearMe as a payment method. You can check the cashier section of the casino to see if PayNearMe is listed as an available option.

4. Do I need to pay to use PayNearMe at online casinos?

PayNearMe itself does not charge users for making payments. However, some online casinos may impose fees or commissions for using PayNearMe as a deposit method. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the specific casino for any associated fees.

5. Is PayNearMe safe to use at online casinos?

Yes, PayNearMe employs strict security measures to ensure the safety of transactions. It undergoes annual security assessments and uses encryption technology to protect user data. Additionally, since PayNearMe involves cash payments at physical locations, it reduces the risk of fraud associated with online transactions. However, users should always practice safe online habits and ensure they are using reputable and secure online casinos.

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